Thursday, July 19, 2012

The first post on a new blog is never any good, so I'm not even going to TRY to be profound or thoughtful.

This is just me trying out my word-mixing-and-meshing-skills. This is my saying "hello", "hi" and "welcome!".
This is me telling my old blogs to go away --far, far away-- and let me have this one, perfect, unbreakable blog that doesn't get thrown in the trash because of insecurities, boredom or annoyance over my parents' incessant corrections and comments on how I choose to write down my thoughts, free for all to see.

(Let me make on thing very, very clear: I love my parents, and never mean them any harm, no matter what I sometimes happen to end up saying to or about them. Love and hugs.)

So far things are going OK.
I've managed to 1) insult myself, 2) possibly provide my mother with new material and 3) create passable sentences.

Hello world.
I'm blogging again.
Deal with it.



  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging, Kaisa.

    To paraphrase "The King's Speech", "Your blog, your rules".

    Just enjoy it.


    1. Brilliant. There's never a time where paraphrasing ISN'T the right thing to do. Also: I love the King's Speech.
      Thank you. <3

  2. I'll be the FIRST to read your posts Miss Berg! You're by far the MOST interesting and my favourite person on the internet!

    1. THAT, my lovely friend, is the best compliment I've EVER GOTTEN. Thank you for that. <3 You are obviously fantastic.

  3. I am happy. There. A clear and definite statement that accurately describes how I feel about you starting a new blog for us all to read. I really trimmed it down and cut out all the shit, just in case the meaning got lost along the way. XD

    Can't wait to read more posts Kaisa. I firmly believe you're going to be an EXCELLENT writer.

    1. HAHH! Oh yes, Andrew. But I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about you reading my blog than me having one!!