Saturday, July 21, 2012

I hate it when people don't dance.


I hate it when people don't dance. It makes me angry to see them standing in pairs, groups and other various constellations AROUND the dance floor instead of ON it.


-I have spent an hour picking out this dress.
-I have spent a lot of money getting this drunk.
-I can't hear what you're saying anyway!
-Just look at the DJ! LOOK AT HIM! He's going to cry himself to sleep tonight.


And then you're out there- Jumping around like a maniac, almost causing your friend's death in a dangerous tripping-on-shoelaces accident, hoping that this will inspire this room, this place, this hell, to have fun.
You're filled with HOPE when a lean Tom Wellington look-a-like steps out of his comfort zone and hesitantly creeps out into the area-in-which-people-are-supposed-to-dance. He's waving to his friends, silently pleading them to follow him.

This is insecurity in human form.

This is a man on the verge of either crying or running home. He looks back at me for a second. I'm helping my friend spin around like a ballerina, while mimicking the moves of a feathered beast. I stare at him, judging him for what he's about to do.

He leaves the dance floor.

With his defeat I felt defeated as well. We left with our heads held high, and our hearts pounding with both adrenaline and frustration. To add to the general misery; we were broke and freezing.

Somehow, we were able to end the night with a few laughs and an agreement on the OKness of our experience.

But the point still stands.
I hate it when people don't dance.


  1. I guess everyone is allowed to be insecure. But it's a tough thing to do, to dance by yourself, unless completely and totally off your face on alcohol.
    But then again, dancing may not be to everyone's liking. Some people may enjoy the more social aspects of the night.

    1. Well that's why we took the blow and got off our arses to be the first people dancing, so that other people wouldn't have to feel so insecure. But the people failed us! I was so disappointed. So bored. So angry. Hence, the angry post. LOLZ <3
      As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing more social and bonding-esque than dancing like an idiot en masse.