Thursday, February 28, 2013

The skin I live in. In. Skin. The skin.

As a veteran acne-ridden non-teen, there's a lot I've had to get used to, that other people don't even seem to think about.

My best friend sleeps in her bra sometimes.
Now... I can't think of a single reason why that'd be comfortable. But the point is...
I can't do it at all. My back would freak out.

I can't sleep in make-up either.
I can't sleep on any of my cheeks, nor can I lean on them...
I can't touch my face. I can't scratch my face.
I can't go too long without showering.
I can't wear make-up indoors for more than... four hours. Six, if I'm outside.

I don't do sleep-overs.
I don't do "surprise visits" (= don't expect me to open the door if I don't know you're coming)

My life is.... rules.

So fuck you if you sleep with make-up on.

...I want your life.

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